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S.a.m.p.l.F.u.x.a's Aeolian Lath

I thrive on sounds that others do avoid...


Aeolian Lath / ÄolsDachlatte

Another sort of ridge enhancement...
Lath: 2 3/8" by 1 5/8", 20' (60 x 40 mm, 6 m)
Nylon® string, 0.7 mm   //   Dacron® string, approx. 1.2 mm
Free air (= effective) length: ~ 3.2 m
Strings are taut by lead weights of (currently) 3.5 kg and 5 kg, respectively

No anemometer to date, just some way between breeze and storm...
click here for MP3 sound sample @ medium wind (45 sec, 720.980 bytes)
This is rather nice, produced by larger raindrops; tiny droplets just crackle (noise)
click here for MP3 sound sample, raindrops plucking strings (30 sec, 480.653 bytes)
Plucking and howling, as the weather was...
click here for MP3 sound sample - rain and wind (1 min, 960.888 bytes)
Vicious, aggressive squalls - but the lath stands ;-)
click here for MP3 sound sample - stormy weather, squalls (15 sec, (240.744 bytes)
click here for MP3 sound sample - somewhat melodious (ca. 120 sec, (1.998.681 bytes)

construction overview


view from inside the gable


construction detail: true stereo piezo pickups


construction detail: mechanical part ready for mounting


I should suggest to avoid any edgy mechanical parts, like those seen above, as IMHO such just add to the overall howling. But who knows - some may like it this way - .


all tights reversed!

all sounds, images, and texts are mine